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Android 11 is bringing new features

Android 11 is bringing new features

Android 11 is bringing new features

Android 11 is bringing new features:- At the beginning of the year came the new version of Android, Android 11; Whose codename is R (R).

New version means new feature. Let’s see what new features and changes have been added to Android 11.


Dark mode scheduling

The feature of automatically turning on and off the dark mode according to the specified time has been added to Android 11. This means that from now on users will not have to worry about turning Dark Mode on or off.



‘Conversation section’ in the notification shed

Conversation section has been added at the top of the notification shed’s notification display area. This measure has been taken to keep the notifications from the messaging apps in the top priority list.


Added to the conversation section is a message called ‘Show S Bubble’, which allows you to continue messaging through a messenger-like chathead while in other apps.


Android 11 is bringing new features

Android 11 is bringing new features

Built-in screen recorder

Although it was supposed to be added to Android 10, the screen recorder feature did not see the light of day in the end. Finally, Android 11 has a built-in screen recorder. The feature can be added from the Quick Access menu.



Pinning the app in the share menu

Although it was added to Android 10 and later removed, the app pin saw feature is back in Android 11. This means that in the case of sharing, you can add the apps you use the most to the list by pinning them.


Reply with picture from notification

In case of replying to a message from the notification, pictures can be added to Android 11 without opening any additional app.


New API for 5G

Two new APIs have been added to Android 11 to improve 5G connection –

Dynamic MeterDance API: Using this API to check if your 5G data is unlimited, media quality will be improved.

Bandwidth Estimator API: This API can be used to check download and upload speeds without polluting the network.

Using Bluetooth headphones in airplane mode

Turning on Airplane mode in previous Android versions would have turned off all types of Bluetooth connectivity. However, from now on, if the Bluetooth device is connected and the airplane mode is turned on, the connected Bluetooth devices will not be disconnected.



Scrolling screenshot

Custom Android ROMs like MIUI have scrolling screenshot options but there was no such feature in stock Android. After taking a screenshot on Android 11, a new option called “Extend” has been given, through which the integrated screenshot of several pages can be brought to a single page.


Show refresh rate

No one should know about the competition of display refresh rate in the current smartphone market. A feature to view the display refresh rate has been added to Android 11, which needs to be turned on by going to the developer options.


New permission option

The App Permissions menu has been redesigned. If you request an app permission on Android 11, three options have been added. The first is ‘only this time’, meaning the system will only give permission access once. Then there is ‘While Using the App’, in this case the system will give permission access only during the use of the app. The system will automatically disable the permission as soon as you leave the app. The third option is “Dinai”, through which you can not give permission.



Auto block permission

If you revoke the permissions of an app twice in a row, Android 11 will take it as a cause of your annoyance and that permission request pop-up will no longer show.


Notification History

A new feature called Notification History has been added to the notification logs, which allows you to check all previous notifications that have come to your device.


Touch Sensitivity Improvement

Many people who use screen protectors in their phones are unaware of the touch sensitivity of the phone. To solve this problem, Touch Sensitivity has been further improved in Android 11.


Back Sensitivity Improvement

Back sensitivity is a nightmare for those who use gestures in full screen displays. New settings have been added to Android 11 to eliminate back sensitivity issues.


Punchhole display and waterfall display support

The Display Cutout API on Android 11 has been further improved, so that content can be enjoyed beautifully even on phones like the S20.



Music control in quick settings

Like iOS, music control has been added to the quick settings panel of Android 11.

There are many more features in Android 11 Developer Preview 1. Now it remains to be seen whether all of these will come in the final version.

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