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Folding laptops coming soon

Folding laptops coming soon

Folding laptops coming soon:- Now the value of folded technology products is going on. In this case, the South Korean company LG is ahead. Rumor has it that they are making foldable laptops. The display of this laptop can be 16 inches. They have already applied for a patent for the new laptop. That information has been leaked online. However, LG has not officially announced anything. India’s NDTV and technology website GSM Arena has reported this information.

According to LG’s patent application, the laptop will have a foldable keyboard and touchpad. The laptop can be easily carried.

Folding laptops coming soon

Folding laptops coming soon


According to NDTV, LG is one of the leading manufacturers of folding displays. However, companies like Apo and TCL are now trying to bring folded display smartphones to the market.


According to a report by technology website Root My Galaxy, according to the patented application of this folded laptop, the display can be taken from 13.3 inches to 16 inches. Ordinary laptops have a power button with a keyboard.


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When the display is folded, its webcam is covered. There are tick display drums to make the display stand. As a result, it will not need a separate stand or keyboard to stand. In addition, the keyboard can be folded.


LG has not yet officially announced the folded laptop.
LG showed the first folded LED display in 2016 at an event called the Consumer Electronics Show. The company is also working on a 65-inch folding TV.


There have been rumors about LG’s folded smartphone for a long time. The name of this smartphone may be ‘LG Rollable’. Last week, Chinese technology company Oppo unveiled a foldable LED display



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