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Learn how to avoid WhatsApp OTP scamming

Learn how to avoid WhatsApp OTP scamming

Learn how to avoid WhatsApp OTP scamming:-This instant messaging app “WhatsApp” has now become one of the main areas for everyone from eight to eighty. And that’s why WhatsApp is the easiest platform for cyber attacks by different hackers and scammers at different times.


Learn how to avoid WhatsApp OTP scamming

Learn how to avoid WhatsApp OTP scamming

User errors are no less. And because of that negligence, some users unknowingly give hackers a chance. OTP is the easiest way for hackers and scammers to attack any WhatsApp account. There have been many complaints in the last few days where cyber criminals are hacking WhatsApp accounts with the help of simple and simple OTP. It is called in costume language
WhatsApp OTP Scam. Hackers use OTP, which is very easy to scam.


What is this WhatsApp OTP Scam?

When you re-open a WhatsApp or set up your WhatsApp account again with a registered phone number on a new smartphone, WhatsApp sends an OTP to your phone. Users have to type this OTP number while setting up WhatsApp. If you want to get OTP from WhatsApp, you have to give your phone number. And if you do not give the phone number, then there is no possibility of OTP from WhatsApp.


And that’s where the problem started. Hackers and scammers are using this OTP feature as a shield for hacking. A friend or close person is texting you from other messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or various other places that you have logged out of their WhatsApp account and need your help to log in. They logged out, you may have answered the question of what you will do here.


And this is where the real hackers will start. He or she will catch you with someone close to you, with whom you are constantly talking on Messenger or any other platform. The hacker will actually tell you from that friend’s account that his or her friend’s WhatsApp account is locked, and that’s why he can’t get the OTP number. Then he sat down to ask for your help. He will also say, share the OTP of his WhatsApp account with you in his place. Once you step into that trap you will get an OTP and share with him.


As soon as you do these things, you will see that you are logged out of your WhatsApp account. You will see a message with the text – You have logged out of your WhatsApp account and your number is now being used on another device. How is that possible? In fact, the OTP came to you because the hacker used your number on another device. And when you are sharing that OTP, you actually gave your WhatsApp account to the hacker. Now the hacker can do whatever he wants from your WhatsApp account.


If you have such WhatsApp OTP Scam, what to do?

If you are a victim of such WhatsApp OTP Scam, first reset your WhatsApp account. Then log in to WhatsApp again. If you go to WhatsApp and enter your registered number, you will get OTP again. Log in to WhatsApp with that OTP. This will prevent hackers from using your WhatsApp account from any device. The moment you reset your WhatsApp account with the new OTP, your WhatsApp account used by hackers on another device is locked from that moment.



What is the way to avoid this WhatsApp OTP Scam?

You can easily avoid this WhatsApp OTP Scam. One thing to keep in mind first is that WhatsApp will not send you an OTP for no reason. Now if you have an OTP for no reason, don’t share it with anyone in the first place. Not even with family or close people or friends.

Even then, if you receive a message from a friend or family member, call them as soon as possible to verify it. Also activate two-factor authentication to keep WhatsApp account secure. One thing to keep in mind is that you have a lot of confidential information on WhatsApp, so once it gets into the hands of hackers, you will have a hard time. That is why it is always necessary to take extra precautions.



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